ABOUT PICKPOCKIT We Are Real Estate's Best Kept Secret

In 2015, approximately 25% of all homes sold were done so off the traditional MLS model, and that number is growing annually. Yet, not a simple common platform exists that allows buyers, sellers and agents to find each other and transact. Pickpockit fulfills this void. In an 'ages old' industry of real estate, whereby transparency, information and technology have catapulted the consumer's leverage and knowledge, it is time to break down the traditional industry barriers between real estate agents and consumers. We believe the best results are achieved when there is complete accessibality to everyone and the tools are in place to empower the parties towards their real estate goals.

For many reasons sellers prefer to sell off market and likewise buyers purchase offmarket. As the real estate industry continues to challenge the status quo, it is time for the development of a community dedicated to such..

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